United Kingdom 2023: Maddie Wrench | Night Club/The Liminal Space

Delegate: Maddie Wrench

Affiliation: Night Club/The Liminal Space

Short Bio: In 2018 The Liminal Space launched Night Club, a programme funded by the Welcome Trust and Impact on Urban Health, bringing employers, policy makers, shift workers and sleep scientists together to help mitigate the negative impacts of shift work, which exacerbates existing health inequalities. Night Club works with cross-sector industry partners across 25 businesses including the Co-op, Transport for London, the NHS, Network Rail and BAE Systems.

Night Club is committed to educating shift workers on how they can positively impact their own sleep health through a direct intervention; to influencing corporates to provide better working conditions for shift workers; and to support policy-makers in designing and delivering initiatives that will encourage businesses to take action. Night Club founder Sarah Douglas recently gave evidence in Parliament to the BEIS Select Committee as part of the review into Post-pandemic economic growth and UK Labour markets.

Night Club is created by The Liminal Space, with scientific evidence provided by Oxford University’s Sleep & Circadian Neuroscience Institute.

Website: www.night-club.org

Activity: NIGHT CLUB is calling on shift workers across the world to join our 2023 World Sleep Day campaign to increase awareness around the health and wellbeing needs of night shift workers.

For World Sleep Day 2023, NIGHT CLUB is asking shift workers to help us give a voice to the millions of people who work at night. We’re aiming to engage a broad range of night shift workers by asking them to respond to one question: ‘HOW DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT?’. Social media users will be asked to share their experiences of night shift work and the challenges it poses in the comments section of each post. By encouraging shift workers to engage in a dialogue that highlights the impact of poor sleep, we hope to offer people the chance to be heard by changemakers and policymakers. Social media users who engage with and comment on a post will be entered into our prize draw to win a personalized Night Club goodie bag.

Research shows that poor sleep contributes to a number of serious health conditions – from heart disease to mental health issues – and costs UK PLC a staggering £50 billion per annum in absence, attrition and accidents at work.

We need shift workers to keep our 24-hour society running, with 1 in 5 workers in the UK now working at night. This hidden group of workers feel like the forgotten shift. And for good reason. They are unlikely to benefit from workplace health and wellbeing initiatives, even though they are often the most at risk. NIGHT CLUB is designed to change that.

– Select an image from our World Sleep Day 2023 social media pack

– Publish the image with a post asking ‘How did you sleep last night?’ with your experiences of working shifts on Friday 17th March 2023 between 07-11am (GMT) on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. Don’t forget to tag @TheLiminalSpace, #NightClub and #WorldSleepDay)
– Suggested copy:

“How did you sleep last night? 🌚
It’s #WorldSleepDay + @TheLiminalSpace want to hear from #nightshift workers. Do you get enough sleep? Does shift work affect your wellbeing? Got any tips?
Comment + retweet for a chance to #win a #NightClub goodie bag 👇https://bit.ly/how-did-you-sleep

– Encourage and monitor your audience engagement and let us know if your post goes viral or you have any questions/concerns

– Please feel free to distribute this document and the accompanying press pack with any associated networks or individuals who would like to take part in the campaign

– All participants in the campaign who share their experiences will be entered into our prize draw to win a Night Club goodie bag.

Location: Online

Date of Activity: 17 March 2023

Submitted by: Madeleine Wrench