United Kingdom 2023: Julie Wright | WeSleep UK

Delegate: Julie Wright

Affiliation: WeSleep UK

Short Bio: Julie Wright is an entrepreneur, sleep ambassador, speaker, and author of “The Natural Sleeper: A Bedside Guide to Complementary and Alternative Solutions for Better Sleep”. This is an introduction to an extensive range of natural, complementary and alternative solutions, therapies, techniques, practices, and tips to help improve our sleep, published in English, French and Portuguese. ✨😴 U.S, Canada published by Tiller Press / Simon & Schuster. ✨😴”Mieux Dormir” aux Éditions Dangles/Piktos pour la France. ✨😴”Le Sommeil Au Naturel” aux Éditions Broquet pour le Québec. ✨😴”Dorme Bem” Arte Plural Ediçãoes para Portugal e Brasil.

Julie is also the Chief Sleep Orchestrator and founder of WeSleep, a wellbeing provider focused on sleep, providing webinars, workshops, lectures, discussion panels, 1-to-1 consultations, and therapeutic sessions on the topic of sleep deprivation and insomnia to a wide range of organizations and business clients such as start-ups, agencies, media and entertainment companies, banks, festivals, conferences, non-profit, education and government organisations and many more. In addition, Julie has been a delegate for World Sleep Day since 2017.

Activity: We have delivered educational sleep webinars and 121 therapeutic sessions between March 17 and 24 on the topic of “Natural health, Natural Sleep” with a focus on natural techniques helping provide deeper, longer, quality sleep and in reverse, and explained how sleeping naturally helps prevent a wide range of physical and mental illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s diseases, diabetes, anxiety, depression and strengthens our immune, hormonal and metabolic systems.


Location: London

Date of Activity: March 17-24 2023

Submitted by: Julie Wright