United Kingdom 2021: Rosey Chan

Delegate: Rosey Chan

Short Bio: Rosey Chan is a multimedia artist based in London. Her creative output combines a wide range of practices, from music and design to dance, fashion and architecture. A virtuoso musician who studied piano and composition at the Royal College of Music, Rosey’s solo concerts incorporate cinematic visuals and cutting edge audio technologies. Her music is an amalgamation of her own compositions, musical improvisations and selected classical repertoire along with electronic and genre-bending sonic influences.

Activity: Rosey Chan is releasing the second single, titled “Water is Life,” from her March 26 album Sonic Apothecary. Rosey connected with experts in sleep, mental health and stress worldwide to help her compose Sonic Apothecary, creating it to help people relax and induce sleep.

You can learn more about Rosey and her work here: https://roseychan.com/

Rosey sat down virtually with Lourdes DelRosso, Co-chair of World Sleep Day 2021, to discuss sleep and music. You can watch part of their conversation here:

Video highlight:


Full Conversation + “Water is Life”




Location: United Kingdom

Date of Activity: March 19, 2021