United Kingdom 2021: Nicola Morgan

Delegate: Nicola Morgan

Affiliations: Entirely independent

Short Bio: I’m known as The Teenage Brain Woman and I write and speak on many aspects of young people’s mental health, wellbeing and performance. I’m an award-winning author with over 100 books under my belt and I frequently give talks to young people, parents and teachers around the world. I’m known for basing all my advice on strong, up-to-date science and speaking in a non-patronising way, reassuringly and confidently. My new book is The Awesome Power of Sleep, published in January 2021. See www.nicolamorgan.com for more details and lots of free materials.

Activity: TRICK YOUR BRAIN TO SLEEP Brains love habits and if you’re sleeping badly I am pretty certain you have some negative ones. You might not know what they are but you soon will! I will help you replace them with positive habits in this simple, clear, 3-step activity to start tricking your brain into an earlier, smoother, healthier bedtime. Suitable for all ages, young people as well as adults. On my website, I will write two simple posts. One on March 18th will outline the 3 steps and give readers a chance to prepare for a call to action the following day: “DO THIS TONIGHT AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE.”

Location: United Kingdom

Date of Activity: March 18th/19th

Submitted By: Nicola Morgan