United Kingdom 2020: Maryam Jazeem / British Islamic School

Delegate: Maryam Jazeem

Affiliations: British Islamic School

Short Bio: Maryam Fathimah Jazeem is a Quran Reciter, Kidpreneur, YouTuber, Public Speaker,Active Campaigner on Social Causes and the curator and the Co-Founder of the Quran Champion Award. She was born in London in February 2012 to a Sri Lankan Origin Parent. She is only 8 Years Old.

Maryam has been showing her interests and enthusiasm in various activities since her childhood. She is developing her various skills through her self-learning and own will by the grace of Almighty Allah.

She is very much interested in Reading and Art. She was guided to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge at her age 2 and successfully achieved the target in a reading challenge and was awarded certificates and Medals in 2014 and 2015 by The Reading Agency in association with Guinness World Record.

She is also memorizing the Holy Quran on her self-interest to become a Hafiza. She secured 3rd Place and a Special Price in the “International Quran Memorisation” and “Islamic Knowledge Competition” respectively conducted by the “Muslim Ville” Organisation based in Canada in the last summer 2018.

Following her Achievement in the International Islamic Competition, She was nominated for the “The London Excel Award” organized by the “Dawatul Islam UK and Eire” which is a Charitable Organisation founded in 1978. She was awarded “The Excel Award” for dedication and curiosity to seek knowledge for the shake of Almighty Allah in 2017.

In the Holy Month of Ramadan in 2018, She expressed her thoughts on sharing the Values of her achievements and wanted to create a similar opportunity to the children around the globe during Ramadan. Her thought and Idea has now being promoted as the “Quran Champion Award” Competition through British Islamic School. She wanted to initiate the first ever Quran Champion Award Competition with the help of his father from Sri Lanka which is her favorite and parent’s Mother Land. Ref Link: (https://youtu.be/uhaX1gpppeY).

It was launched in Sri Lanka in 2018 through British Islamic School. (Ref: www.britishislamicschool.edu.lk) ( www.facebook.com/britishislamicschools)

World Famous Hafiza Maryam Masud from USA served as the Honorary Judge for the Competition at the request of Maryam Jazeem.

Maryam Jazeem is a vivid reader of the Young Times Magazine since it was relaunched in UAE. Young Times, a Khaleej Times brand with 22 years of legacy. The magazine serves as a forum for youngsters to showcase their talents, be it in writing, quizzing, art and craft — whatever they would deem fit. The aim of the magazine is to develop a generation of wholesome youngsters.

When readers were asked to contribute to celebrate their 1st Anniversary of the Young Time Magazine Cover Page and Write up about her Wednesday experience when collecting the magazine, she immediately accepted the challenge to contribute. Then she drew the beautiful Cover Page and wrote her experience in her own handwriting during her term Holidays.

Young Times has published her drawing and write-up together on their Special Edition which was released on the 9th of September, 2019.
Magazine Download link: http://ereplica.pressmart.com/YoungTimes/32074/09-01-2019

She was also excited and pleased to see her first-ever contribution to the print media in one of the greatest magazine in the UAE.

Maryam Jazeem is much interested in day to day world affairs and Politics. During the undemocratic protest and violence held in the Sri Lanka Parliament on the Black Day, She was badly disturbed by the scenes and activities shown in the live news. She immediately released a video under the title of HARDTalk where she was hardly condemning the violence and an irrespective act of the MPs of the Sri Lankan Parliament. Her video went viral and received the greatest support from the globe. Video can be viewed via the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8R4mkypmgQ

Maryam Jazeem also received a surprising response from the British Prime Minister, Hon. Boris Johnson for her recent Video Message (https://www.facebook.com/MaryamJazeem/videos/577020649504007) and her letter requesting to stop the BrEXIT and the Promulgation.

Activity: Maryam Jazeem was premiering her message on the World Sleep day to her global audience through her Youtube and all her Social Media Channels.
Her Live video message on World Sleep Day can be fully watched via following link

Location: Premiered from United Kingdom to Global Audience

Date of Activity: 13th of March, 2020

Submitted By: Maryam Jazeem