United Kingdom 2020: Kristiana Hamilton / Ricardo UK Ltd

Delegate: Kristiana Hamilton

Affiliations: Ricardo UK Ltd

Activity: Myself and my company Ricardo UK Ltd. are looking to in increasing awareness of sleep disorders and the importance of sleep as a whole, especially when working in a possibly stressful and time consuming job.
I myself have narcolepsy and understand how bad it can feel when your sleep isn’t great. Since being diagnosed, I have learned how many people do not understand disorders relating to sleep or how important sleep is to being a fully functioning person. Most people do not take sleep issues seriously and find something else to blame for why their sleep is bad before even considering seeking help. This is why we think it is very important to promote good sleep and create a more informed population regarding the issues surrounding it.
Our event will consist of a talk/workshop with a sleep specialist with our team here at Ricardo. This will give information on better sleep hygiene with some helpful ways to identify symptoms of specific disorders. We also hope sufferers will speak up and make people more aware and destigmatise “just being tired”.
We plan on making this part of World Sleep Day on the 13th March so if you have any interested parties, any awareness leaflets or fundraising ideas please send it across to myself.

Location: Ricardo Ltd UK, Leamington Spa (host site), digitally Shoreham and Cambridge

Date of Activity: 13th March

Submitted By: Kristiana Hamilton