United Kingdom 2020: Emily Nurse / Dream-Nights

Delegate: Emily Nurse

Affiliations: www.Dream-nights.com

Short Bio: Founder of ‘Dream-Nights’
I passionately believe in using the gentlest effective methods to help families solve the sleep problems that their newborns – 8 year olds present with. I work in a solution-focused collaborative way, creating a through bespoke sleep plan combining my expertise about pediatric sleep and the parents’ expertise about their child. I then provide daily guidance and support for two weeks as the parents implement the plan. I am very proud of the 100% success rate of families who stick to their sleep plans.

Activity: Free advice calls to anyone with questions about their child’s sleep. (Newborns to 8 year olds)
To benefit simply visit www.dream-nights.com and ‘book a call’

Location: United Kingdom, telephone based so anyone from anywhere can book a call with me!

Date of Activity: 13th March 2020

Submitted By: Emily Nurse