United Kingdom 2019: Dr Kate Psaila

Delegate: Dr Kate Psaila

Affiliations: Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Short Bio: I am a Clinical Psychologist working to support Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust staff to stay well at work.
We deliver community based health care services giving people more choice and control over their health care. We work with Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Luton, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk residents to ensure our services provide the very best care and treatment for each and every individual that uses our services.

Activity: As part of the Live Life Well group of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust we are planning to raise awareness of World Sleep Day to our staff in the Eastern Region of the UK through our weekly communications cascade. We are also planning a larger article in our Live Life Well newsletter which also gets circulated to staff.

Location: United Kingdom, Eastern Region

Date of Activity: 15th March and

Submitted By: Kate Psaila