United Kingdom 2019: Clockwork Research

Delegate: Clockwork Research

Affiliations: Air Partner Plc

Short Bio: Clockwork Research, an Air Partner plc company delivers innovative and effective fatigue risk management solutions for clients across various sectors of the aviation industry, as well as other safety-critical operating environments, such as the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. The company’s approach is founded upon a scientific understanding of the impact of human fatigue on safety-critical operations, combined with extensive industry experience and an appreciation of commercial realities.

Activity: Completing a week of activities to raise awareness of World sleep day will allow employees to gain a clearer understanding of actions they can take to improve their sleep as they learn about fatigue and the impact on performance. Each day will have a different focus, a social campaign for Clockwork and Baines Simmons will run during the week. Consisting of tips, and links to clockwork papers and services. Activity Schedule

Location: UK

Date of Activity: 11/03/19 – 15/03/19

Submitted By: Ani Radountcheva