United Kingdom 2018: Beatrix A. Schmidt

Delegate: Beatrix A Schmidt

Affiliations: Delegate of the World Sleep Day

Short Bio: Beatrix is a sleep coach, speaker, the author of The Sleep Deep Method and founder of The Sleep Deep Practice. She focuses her work on raising awareness about insomnia, sleep problems caused by lifestyle choices and how these affect our everyday lives.
Having struggled with insomnia and burning herself out in her mid twenties, she spent the last 10 years researching sleep and learning that in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much deeper than just how tired we are.

With her diverse knowledge in alternative therapies, business strategy and private health care, Beatrix successfully applies the best tools and techniques of her methodology in her private practice working with a number of clients from CEOs and senior executives to entrepreneurs to help them optimise their sleep which also works with their demanding lifestyles. From sleep hygiene, personal boundaries, productivity there are so many benefits to her strategic approach to sleeping and living well.

Beatrix is a highly sought-after speaker and coach within the corporate, educational and personal development sectors. She has been presenting workshops and talks for a number of years and have been invited to take part in panel discussions and interviews as an expert in her field.

Activity: Free lunchtime talk hosted at the Barbican Library, London UK
Interviewing people in London, UK about sleep and their sleep issues on 16th March 2018.
The purpose of this series of interviews and the documentary was to raise awareness of The World Sleep Day and of various sleep issues and lifestyle choices that impact sleep. We then had a conversation with the individuals about what they can do to improve their situation.
Unfortunately, most of the people that we spoke to didn’t know that the World Sleep Day exist so definitely more work is needed in the UK to educate people about this event.
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Location: Barbican Library, London United Kingdom

Date of Activity: 15th March 2018

Submitted By: Beatrix A Schmidt