United Kingdom 2017: WeSleep South London

Delegate: Julie Wright

Affiliations: WeSleep – South London

This year, WeSleep partnered with Make Me Feel to help Londoners “Improve their Sleep Naturally” with an introduction to complementary therapies designed to tackle sleep issues in a healthy way.

WeSleep and Make Me Feel therapists and health specialists explained how to improve sleep with gentle therapies:

– Pharmaceuticals: Marine Vincent, Founder and Director of Make me feel Ltd and Doctor in Pharmacy, explained the advantages and drawbacks of prescription medication and discussed preferable natural alternatives.

– Hypnotic Repatterning : Kata Armitage
She explained and demonstrated this wonderful meditative and visualisation technique which helps clear negative energy, thoughts and worries out of our brains and bodies.

– Aromatherapist & infant massage: Marine Lardy
She explained and demonstrated how herbs and essential oils can promote relaxation and deep sleep. Marie is also a certified Baby Massage Therapists and can teach moms how to massage their babies for better sleep

– Reflexology and Reiki: Emma Tubmen
Emma demonstrated reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy to help attendees with internal physical problems while gaining a sense of peace and relaxation.

We also distributed documentation and leaflets from World Sleep Day and the British Sleep Council on improving sleep with tips and scientific facts so as to raise awareness about this issue. We also gave out Kiss The Moon gifts bags containing aromatherapeutic cosmetics for overnight beauty sleep, perfect timing for mothers’ day.

The event lasted 2 1/2 hours and we received great feedback about the event which combined information with practical demonstrations.


Location: London, United Kingdom

Date: March 25, 2017 (4:30pm-7pm)

Submitted by: Julie Wright

Short Bio:
Big life changes and events in all aspects of my life have affected my sleep. Corporate and political pressures at work, family and fertility issues, relationships gone wrong, losing my job, losing people I care about… as well as feeling the excitement for every positive step in my life, towards a better future full of possibilities and opportunities, yet feeling that I never have enough time to do fulfill all of my ambitions or do things well enough!

As a media and entertainment consultant under Libra Rising Limited, I support innovative businesses and start ups bringing new concepts to the well-being, entertainment and travel industries. Previously, I have gathered my most significant professional experience as a business executive at Paramount Pictures, Disney ABC Television, Warner Music Group, RealNetworks and more recently at The Box Plus Network (Channel 4). Whether in my earlier career or throughout all of my roles, I have worked in event organisation and catering in the UK, US and France for a range of private, corporate and media clients.

In the past, I have been contributing to people’s happiness by bringing entertainment to their lives. But now, as the founder of WeSleep, my aim is now to help people live better lives by improving their sleep. My motto is: Sleep more, Live more http://www.WeSleep.co.uk