United Kingdom 2016: Prof. Stephen Palmer PhD

Delegate: Prof. Stephen Palmer PhD

Affiliations: National Wellbeing Service Ltd

Activity:  We set up a webpage on our site devoted to World Sleep Day.
See: http://www.nationalwellbeingservice.com/health-and-wellbeing-campaigns-in-2016/world-sleep-day-2016/

We launched a free twice daily newsletter, Sleep, Insomnia and Wellbeing Daily. This can be subscribed to or viewed by our social media contacts and followers (twitter, facebook & LinkedIn.) See: https://paper.li/NatWellService/1458310375 

Location: London, GB-ENG

Date: 18 March 2016


stephen-palmer-200x300Submitted by: Prof. Stephen Palmer
Short Bio: The National Wellbeing Service has been set up by a group of psychologists and health educators who want to provide up-to-date wellbeing-related information, guidance and research to the public and health professionals.

See: http://www.nationalwellbeingservice.com/sample-page/about/