Trinidad and Tobago 2022: Gregory Arneaud | iSD Health Solutions

Delegate: Gregory Arneaud

Affiliation: iSD Health Solutions

Short Bio: Clinical Director, C.E.O and Respiratory Therapist at iSD Health Solutions. Mr. Gregory Arneaud is passionate about the importance of sleep. Bringing awareness, screening, diagnosing and treatment of sleep disorders to the Caribbean.

Mr. Gregory Arneaud is an American Board Certified Respiratory Technician and Certified Respiratory Therapist since 1998. He is extensively involved in Sleep Apnea Testing and Treatment in Trinidad & Tobago and other Caribbean islands since 2006. Founder and Clinical Director of iSD Health Solutions and the Trinidad and Tobago World Sleep Day Delegate for 2022. Mr. Arneaud has a passion for his calling to serve. Creating awareness and education is the first step according to Mr. Arneaud. He continues to grow his partnerships throughout the region and by extension creates awareness in countries where many have never heard of sleep apnea.

Mr. Arneaud lives by the motto "How you Sleep is How you Live"

Activity: Trinidad and Tobago´s 2nd annual World Sleep Day webinar is organised by ISD Health Solutions (ISDHS) in observance of World Sleep Day (WSD). Founded by the World Sleep Society, WSD is observed annually and aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders. Our topic this year is:
"Standing At The Intersection of Sleep & Mental Health!"
Sleep is closely connected to mental and emotional health and has demonstrated links to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other conditions. Some interesting topics of discussion are:

Sleep & Depression
Sleep & Anxiety
Sleep & Bi-Polar Disorders
Sleep & ADHD
Sleep & Autism
Sleep & Focus
Sleep & Alzheimers
Sleep & Stress Management

Meet the esteemed speakers for our World Sleep Day webinar as they discuss the Importance of Sleep to Mental Health.
​🔹Dr. Girardin Jean-Louis​
Professor of Psychiatry & Neurology | Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami.
🔹Ms. Tanya Muir
Occupational Therapist & Owner Sleep OT Practice.
🔹Mr. Gregory Arneaud
CEO & Respiratory Therapist ISD Health Solutions.
🔹Dr. Christiana Lee
DMD | Serpentine Dental Care.
🔹Dr. Jerome Philip
FRCS (OMFS), FFD (OS,OM) | Lt. Col – British Armed Forces Ballistic Trauma and Humanitarian response.
Moderated by
🔹Dr. Safeeya Mohammed | CEO – SISU Global Wellness

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Location: Online

Date of Activity: 18 March 2022

Submitted by: Salisha Ali