Trinidad and Tobago 2018: Gregory Arneaud / iSD Health Solutions

Delegate: Gregory Arneaud

Affiliations: iSD Health Solutions

Short Bio: Mr. Arneaud is a Certified Respiratory Therapist and is the Founder and CEO of iSD Health Solutions. He obtains 7 years experience in the sales of medical devices in the North American Region for Itamar Medical and Watermark Medical. His experience also includes the management of the largest durable medical equipment providers in the US (Lincare & Walgreens Home Medical Division).

Activity: This year, the delegate for Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Gregory Arneaud (Clinical Director – iSD Health Solutions), collaborated with three major pharmacy chains within Trinidad and Tobago.
• Massy Stores Pharmacy (7 locations),
• Starlite Pharmacy (3 locations) and;
• SuperPharm Pharmacy (9 locations).

This collaboration empowered the population to have access to the first and only disposable Home Sleep Apnea Test, the Apnea Strip across a total of 19 locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago, in addition to free consultations provided by Mr. Arneaud and his team at iSD Health Solutions.

Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Date of Activity: March 16th, 2018

Submitted By: Sabrina Lopez