Thailand 2023: Wichot Wachakitwanit | Aikchol hospital , Chonburi, Thailand

Delegate: Wichot Wachakitwanit

Affiliation: Aikchol hospital , Chonburi, Thailand

Short Bio:

Activity: Let’s talk about “World Sleep Day” with Otolaryngologist, Pulmonologist and Psychiatrist 👍🏻👍🏻

On 17th,March 2023

#Three elements of good quality sleep : Duration, Continuity, Depth.

#Specific Sleep Disorders : Insomnia.

#Sleep Breathing Problems

#Sleep teat demonstration by Health Medicare (


@Aikchol Hospital🏥 , Chonburi, Thailand. (

Location: Aikchol hospital, Chonburi, Thailand

Date of Activity: 17th,March 2023

Submitted by: Dr.Wichot Wachakitwanit