Thailand 2023: Dr. Supalak Khemthong | Faculty of Physical Therapy, Mahidol University

Delegate: Dr. Supalak Khemthong

Affiliation: Faculty of Physical Therapy, Mahidol University

Short Bio: He is interested in a research area of sleep disturbance related mental health and occupational behaviors across aging. He is also expertise in psychosocial occupational therapist and geriatric medicine.

Activity: A few current activities include an experimental design of CBT-I for occupational and physical therapy students; a workshop of sleep related stress management; and a popular podcast for well-being sleep health promotion.

Location: Mahidol University at Faculty of Physical Therapy and Mahidol Channel Websites

Date of Activity: 11 March to 11 April 2023

Submitted by: Dr. Supalak Khemthong