Thailand 2019: Sleep Society of Thailand

Delegate: Montida Veeravigrom, MD

Affiliations: Sleep Society of Thailand

Short Bio: American Board of Sleep Medicine

Activity: Sleep Society of Thailand collaborated with Ramathibodi Sleep Disorder Center and Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health to promote “World Sleep day 2019” in Thailand in the theme of “Thai traditional cultural style” to match the global theme “Healthy sleep Healthy aging”.
The highlight of this year includes a series of sleep program in each age group (children, adolescent, adult and elderly) though leading newspapers and televisions, Sleep male and female pageant and line sticker to promote sleep hygiene. Line application is an effective media to promote sleep awareness in Thai population especially elderly group.
The activities of this year are as follows:
1) The competition of World Sleep Day Slogan in Thai Language. Sleep Society of Thailand collaborated with Ramathibodi Sleep Disorder Center held the competition of Thai slogan from the competitors all over the country. Our winner is Dr. Dowruang Mongkolsiri
2) The series of fifteen sleep program in each age group through Rama Channel. (The official television Channel of Ramathibodi Hospital. Each topic was participated with sleep specialist specialize in that topics.
The program topics were:
– Why sleep is important? By Professor Dr. Aroonwan Preutthipan, President of Sleep Society of Thailand
– Sleep and brain development by Assistant Professor Lunliya Thampratankul
– Sleep hygiene in Children by Assistant Professor Teeradej Kuptanon
– Game and sleep by Dr. Jiraporn Arunakul
– Silent danger of snoring by Dr. Anchana Thongyam
– Sleep in pregnancy by Dr. Visasiri Tantrakul
– Accident and sleep by Dr. Somprasong Liamsombut
– Don’t let snoring be loud by Dr. Sitthep Thanakitcharu
– Sleep hygiene in working adult by Dr. Kanlaya Panjapornpon
– Marriage problem in snoring by Dr. Navarat Apirakkittikul
– Insomnia and sleep hygiene in elderly by Associate Professor Chakrit Sukying
– Truth or Myth “ Elderly need less sleep” by Assistant Professor Tantawan Awirutworakul
– Music and sleep by Mrs.Worakot Suwansathit
– Happy shift worker by Miss.Janejira Pengjam
3) The sleep seminar and sleep week exhibition at faculty of medicine, Ramathibody hospital int theme of Thai traditional style. The competition of Sleep male and female pageant in each age group. The highlight of the sleep seminar is “The interview with Thai famous actor and family”. This highlight will increase awareness of healthy sleep in Thai population.
4) Line sticker to promote sleep awareness and good sleep hygiene in all age group.

Location: Ramathibodi Hospital, Chiang Mai, Songkla, Bangkok

Date of Activity: 1-15 March 2019 for Sleep exibition and Seminars , 24 January- 15 March 2019 for TV series and newspaper

Activity: There are World Sleep Day 2019 ” Health Sleep Healthy Aging” in Northern, Southern and Central part of Thailand. Our medical schools ( Chiang Mai University/ Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, Prince of Songkla University, Chulalongkorn University/ King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital) and Chest Institute of Thailand host it. More than 1000 attendants ( all together) are expected.

Date of Activity: 14-16 March 2019

Location: Chiang Mai, Songkla, Bangkok

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Submitted By: Montida Veeravigrom, MD