Taiwan 2021: Dr. Hsin-Chien Lee | Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine

Delegate: Dr. Hsin-Chien Lee

Affiliations: Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine

Short Bio: Founded in 2002, Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine (TSSM) is the leading and largest professional organization dedicated to advancing research and treatment in sleep medicine in Taiwan. TSSM holds educational activities of sleep medicine for professionals and general public on a regular basis.

Activity: In World Sleep Day 2021, all activities are held online under the slogan “規律睡眠,迎向健康” in Taiwan. Including:
1.Online survey about sleep habits of residents in Taiwan.
2.Internet education campaign for sleep hygiene based on “10 tips for better sleep”.
3.An one-hour podcast program devoted to discussing strategies to improve sleep quality.

Location: http://sleep321.com.tw/

Date of Activity: from early Feb, 2021 through the whole year

Submitted By: Hsin-Chien Lee