Switzerland 2021: ZURZACH Care Klinik für Schlafmedizin | SGSSC (Swiss Sleep Society)

Delegate: ZURZACH Care Klinik für Schlafmedizin

Affiliations: SGSSC (Swiss Sleep Society, www.swiss-sleep.ch)

Short Bio: ZURZACH Care Klinik für Schlafmedizin is a SGSSC certified Clinic in Switzerland with three locations in Bad Zurzach, Lucerne and Zurich.

Activity: “10 yeas of sleeplessness” – presentation of a patient`s history on our Facebook account. In autumn 2020 we activated our Facebook account. Starting with an awareness campaign we wanted to analyze what kind of posts generate high insights. With our conclusion that patient`s histories always get high attention and reaktions we planned a new story to share to celebrate world sleep day 2021. Starting on Monday 15 th of march 2021 we will daily post parts of Astrid Suter’s story. For years she suffered from a chronic insomnia. With a cognitive behavioural therapy at ZURZACH Care Klinik für Schlafmeditzin she broke through her sleeplessness . The therapy started with a three week in-patient stay at the clinic in Bad Zurzach where she experienced her key moments to a healthy future by regular sleep. 

Location: Switzerland an worldwide /Facebook

Date of Activity: 15.03.2021 until 23.03.2021

Submitted By: ZURZACH Care Klinik für Schlafmedizin