Switzerland 2020: KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin / SGSSC

Delegate: KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin

Affiliations: SGSSC (Switzerland)

Activity: Campaign „Schlaf-finden.ch“ (come to sleep)
KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin (Clinic for Sleep Medicine, Switzerland, www.ksm.ch) supports the Schtifti Foundation in the implementation of a campaign to “fight against sleep problems” throughout Switzerland. The online campaign started in September 2019. It’s the declared goal of the campaign to develop a healthy and well-rested society.

The Schtifti Foundation and their health promotion and education programme GORILLA (https://www.gorilla.ch/) dedicate themselves to promote health of young people in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The campaign is also supported by Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz (Swiss Health Promotion, https://gesundheitsfoerderung.ch).

Three posters visualise the so called “horror of not falling asleep at night”. Together with a video (see on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/355508335) the posters got published in the media especially on social media platforms. People with interest or sleep issues are referred to the heart of the campaign, the microsite www.schlaf-finden.ch. There you find tips and solutions to well-known sleep problems like restless legs, problems to fall asleep or daytime sleepiness. “It is often sufficient to change certain habits like how and when to use the smartphone” explains Marcel Burkard, Somnologist ESRS, KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin in the official media release of the Schtifti Foundation. All tips of the campaign have been developed in cooperation with Marcel Burkard and the KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin. In addition to the tips and facts about sleep and sleep disorders there is a competition on the website with prizes valued at 2000 Swiss franc.

The website schlaf-finden.ch will be online until the end of 2020. People with interest or sleep issues also find there a list / map with all the certificated sleep centres in Switzerland.

Together we are campaigning for a natural and healthy sleep and a well-rested society. KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin is proud to be part of the campaign.


Location: Switzerland and the world wide web

Date of Activity: Started in September 2019 / until Dezember 2020

Submitted By: KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin