Switzerland 2018: KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin

Delegate: KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin

Affiliations: SGSSC (Switzerland)

Activity: KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin began developing an online-based cognitive behavioural sleep therapy for people with insomnia (e-CBT-I) as early as 2010. The vision was to create a time- and place- independent therapy that nevertheless offers personal contact with a sleep medicine professional. In 2013 the first patients were able to participate in our online program „KSM SOMNET“. Since then we constantly improved the program and gained more and more patients. In January 2017, upon request of KSM, the Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA / Swiss Federal Office of Public Health FOPH decided positive regarding the mandatory reimbursement of e-CBT-I by the insurance companies. This motivated us to launch a new website (www.ksm-somnet.ch) promoting our e-CBT-I as of July 2017. In order to raise people`s awareness of sleep disorders/insomnia and make people aware that there is treatment available, we will be publishing a prominent online campaign for one of the biggest high-quality newspapers in Switzerland (www.nzz.ch) in spring 2018. Experts estimate that between 300`000 and 800`000 people suffer from chronic insomnia in Switzerland. Only one percent however receives cognitive-behavioural-therapy. With KSM SOMNET we wish to raise this percentage so that everyone has access to proper treatment.

Location: Switzerland

Date of Activity: February and March 2018

Submitted By: KSM Klinik für Schlafmedizin