Sweden 2024: Alicia Garcia Lantz, Niculina Sandberg & Ella Tabbakh | Karolinska University Hospital

Delegate: Alicia Garcia Lantz, Niculina Sandberg & Ella Tabbakh

Affiliation: Karolinska University Hospital

Short Bio:

Activity: Sleep is essential to health – so true, yet a basic need with such a low priority in many inpatient hospital settings. Last year a group of nurses at the Heart, Vascular and Neurology Theme participated in World Sleep Day with the ongoing project Sleep Awakenings. This year, two nurses from that collaboration has teamed up with a medical social worker and together we have established an award winning prize for sleep promoting work at the Karolinska University Hospital. Any health care worker, employed at the hospital can apply, or be nominated for the prize.

Every patient should have an equal right to person-centered sleep care during hospital stay. We try to do so by continuously improving our ways to measure, evaluate and improve patients’ sleep during hospital stay. The aim of this prize is to call attention to the importance of patients’ sleep for recovery and to award a person or a group who is actively working to integrate sleep-promoting strategies as a natural part of the patients’ care when in hospital for medical or surgical treatment.

The Sleep Prize 2024 will be awarded on march 15 and the winner/s will be interviewed and highlighted in the hospital’s social media channels on World Sleep day!

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Location: Stockholm

Date of Activity: 15 march 2024

Submitted by: Alicia Garcia Lantz