Sweden 2023: Alicia | Garcia Lantz

Delegate: Alicia

Affiliation: Garcia Lantz

Short Bio: I am a clinical research nurse at the vascular department at Karolinska University Hospital with a great interest of sleep promoting work.

Since 2020 a group of sleep dedicated nurses from different specialities (vascular surgery, thorasic surgery, cardiology and neurology)have been working in a sleep promoting project at the Heart, vascular and neuro theme at Karolinska University Hospital.The project is called “sleep awakenings” and aim to increase the knowledge about sleep,negative consequences of patients sleep loss and sleep promoting strategies among in-hospital health care professionals. So far, we have:

1. Developed basic, evidence based clinical sleep promoting guidelines on how to improve patients’ sleep during hospital stay.
2. Produced a high-quality interactive e-learning sleep education especially adapted for health care professionals at the hospital.
3.Introduced “sleep promoting nurses”. Nurses, with special skills in sleep promoting strategies as a hands-on sleep resource at the wards.

Activity: This project will be highlighted in Karolinska University Hospitals’ social media channels on World Sleep day!

Location: On Karolinska University Hospitals’ social media channels

Date of Activity: March 17th, 2023

Submitted by: Alicia Garcia Lantz