Sweden 2021: Pernilla Garmy | Nätverket Sömn och Hälsa | Kristianstad University

Delegate: Pernilla Garmy

Affiliations: Nätverket Sömn och Hälsa / Kristianstad University

Short Bio: Associate Professor, PhD, RN, MSN Chair of the research group Children’s and Young People’s Health in Social Context – CYPHiSCO Chair of Network Sleep and Health in the Swedish Society of Nursing Associate Professor at WHO-CC Clinical Health Promotion Centre, Lund University Faculty of Health Sciences Kristianstad University SE-291 88 Kristianstad Sweden +46 44 250 38 77 [email protected] www.hkr.se

Activity: Teenage sleep – online lecture (in Swedish). Organized by the Swedish Network Sleep and Health in the Swedish Society of Nursing, the Swedish Society of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine, and Kristianstad University. https://www.hkr.se/kalender/lunchseminarium-tonarssomn/
Location: https://www.hkr.se/nyheter/2021/premiar-for-somnveckan-med-oppna-lunchforelasningar/ 
Date of Activity: 44271

Activity: Sleep week – March 15-19, 2021
Monday, March 15: The Journal Sleep and Health (Tidskriften Sömn och Hälsa), no 5, 2021, is published. Lecture on sleep and dementia.
Tuesday, March 16: Lecture on teenage sleep.
Wednesday, March 17: Lecture on dreams.
Thursday, March 18: Lecture on sleep and shift work.
Friday, March 19: World Sleep Day: Lectures on insomnia and CBT-I; sleep and Covid-19, as well as sleep apnea.
Location: Online
Date of Activity: March 15- 19, 2021

Submitted By: Pernilla Garmy