Sweden 2019: Dr. Pernilla Garmy

Delegate: Dr. Pernilla Garmy

Affiliations: Kristianstad University / Lund University

Short Bio: Dr. Pernilla Garmy is chair of the Swedish Network Sleep and Health, and an associated professor at Kristianstad University and Lund University in Sweden. Her research field is sleep and lifestyle in children and adolescents.

March 13th 2019: An open seminary regarding sleep and nighttime digital technology use among adolescents. www.hkr.se/seminarium-somn

March 14th 2019: Conference “Professional development – with focus on sleep” by the Swedish Network of Sleep and Health in the Swedish Society of Nursing. www.hkr.se/somn2019

March 15th: Premiere of a newly started journal “Sleep and Health” by the Swedish Society of Nursing and Kristianstad University: www.hkr.se/tidskrift-somn

Location: Kristianstad University, Sweden

Date of Activity: March 13-15, 2019

Submitted By: Pernilla Garmy