Sweden 2014: WSD Sweden 2014

Träffpunkt Sömn and ResMed celebrate
World Sleep Day 2014 with attention on Sleep Apnea

On March 14th, World Sleep Day 2014, Träffpunkt Sömn and ResMed will organize a hearing with politicians from all 20 county councils in Sweden. The politicians are responsible for medical devices and will be questioned regarding the status of treatment in each council. A new online e-learning edutainment platform, designed to raise awareness – the Sleep School – will be launched and demonstrated, followed by a discussion consisting of a panel of leading experts on Sleep. In addition, there will be interviews with several doctors and nurses specialized in sleep related areas, as well as the chairman of the patient association in Stockholm regarding awareness activities that were performed during 2013.

The entire program will be broadcast on the website http://traffpunktsomn.se



  • Why is World Sleep Day important?
    Ms. Patrica Grazin, Aleris Fysiologlab, Ms. Ulla Söder, Träffpunkt Sömn & Mr. Gert Grundström, Chairman in the patient association in Stockholm
  • Interview with Associate Professor Liborio Parrino
    Initiator of World Sleep Day
  • The important work of awareness done during 2013 in Sweden including The Wake-Up Bus Project in Europe, Sleepless in Stockholm (awareness theatre play) and the launch of the Awareness Sleep School -Sömnapnéskolan
    Associate Professor Ludger Grote, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
    Richard Harlid, Aleris Fysiologlab in Stockholm
  • It is financially more advantageous to treat patients than to abstain
    Jan Hedner, Professor, Senior Physician, Head of Department of Sleep Medicine at Sahlgrenska University Hospital
  • Hearing with politicians from all 20 county councils in Sweden regarding the status of treatment in each council, followed by a panel discussion

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Submitted by: Pelle Sjöqvist


pelle_wsdMarch 14, 2014
Pelle Sjöqvist, Creative Director and head of digital health at Dahlheim & Sjöqvist. Pelle works primarily with strategic conceptualization, consulting in Public Affairs and digital health for clients in the health sector such as ResMed. Pelle has previously worked as Creative Director at Edelman PR and Porter Novelli for clients such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Novartis. Pelle has been awarded a gold medal in Sabre Awards, three gold medals in the European Excellence Awards and two IPRA Golden Awards as well as one Silver Anvil Awards in Public Relations Society of America for clients in the health sector. Pelle lectures at Swedish Public Relations Association and for private companies and organizations.