Sweden 2013: WSD Sweden 2013

Träffpunkt Sömn and ResMed celebrate World Sleep Day 2013 with attention on Sleep apnea

On World Sleep Day Träffpunkt Sömn and ResMed organize a program where the awareness theatre play Sleepless in Stockholm is shown, followed by a panel discussion consisting of leading experts in Sleep, a cardiologist and politician responsible for medical devices. In addition, there will be interviews with several doctors and nurses specialized in sleep and the chairman of the patient association in Stockholm. The entire program will be displayed and broadcast on the website Http://traffpunktsomn.se



Why is World Sleep Day important?
Ms Patrica Grazin, Aleris Fysiologlab & Ms Ulla Söder Träffpunkt Sömn

Interview with Associate Professor Liborio Parrino
Initiator of World Sleep Day

The important work of the network Sömn och Hälsa (sleep and health)
Ms Ulla Edéll-Gustafsson Linköpings universitetssjukhus

National guidelines for disease prevention methods, Lifestyles project
Ms Ylva Lyander, Swedish society of nursing

The awareness theatre Sleepless in Stockholm, following a panel discussion

Interview with the Chairman in the patient association in Stockholm
Mr Gert Grundström

How can Sleep Apnea syndrome affect the professional life?
Ms Birgitta Ohlin, Sophiahemmet

The Wake-Up Bus Project in Europe
Associate Professor Ludger Grote, Sahlgrenska university hospital

Interview with physician Richard Harlid at Aleris Fysiologlab in Stockholm

LiveChat with Ms Patrizia Granzin directly after the program