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Affiliation: Member Spanish Sleep Society

Short Bio: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Valencia (1996-2002) and Specialist in Neurophysiology (2003-2007). Master’s Degree in Clinical Management, Medical and Assistance Management (2019). Master in Dietetics and Nutrition (2018). Master in Coaching, Emotional Management and Mindfulness (2020). Master in Commercial Management and Marketing (2020). Neuropsychopharmacology Master Director (2022). Doctoral thesis from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the area of ​​”Respiratory Sleep Disorders”. Accredited Expert in Sleep Medicine (WASM) and Eating Disorders (FCA)

He is currently an associate university professor and works as a neurophysiologist, coordinating various sleep units and training programs. Founder and director of the Sleep Medicine Institute since 2009. Pioneer in the implementation of remote consultations to solve any sleep problem, especially in cases of sleep-disordered breathing (snoring, sleep apnea), neurodegenerative diseases, childhood sleep disorders , Willis-Ekbom disease (old Sdr. Restless Legs), circadian rhythm disorders (due to the influence of rotating work shifts), parasomnias, nocturnal epilepsies and other sleep disorders.

Author of various scientific publications and collaborator in numerous studies, media and main scientific societies in Sleep Medicine (SES, ESRS, WASM).


At the Institute of Sleep Medicine, on the occasion of World Sleep Day 2023 that is celebrated next Friday, March 17, we want to celebrate its motto this year “Sleep is Essential to Live” with you, with special discounts, interesting interviews and many novelties.

Its director, Dr. Jesús Escribá Alepuz, a specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology and accredited world expert in Sleep Medicine, recalls that “Sleep is vital, we dream a third of our life and any sleep problem deteriorates our health” stressing that “enough sleep is as important as doing it well and our goal is to achieve better sleep, so there is no better way to celebrate World Sleep Day than to give away in March the method capable of solving any sleep problem at any age that has made the Institute of Sleep Medicine leader in consultations and sleep tests, both face-to-face and remote, thus putting a stop to this “other” pandemic that are sleep disorders ”

Therefore, only during the month of March 2023, the Institute of Sleep Medicine offers FREE the best solutions for anyone with sleep problems, in the easiest, most effective and economical way possible, through its web portal WWW.DORMIRBIEN.INFO, with the following promotions:

1. Enjoy the great interview-colloquium “Better sleep is possible” with our Director and patients who will tell how they have improved their sleep with our method, which you can see live on World Sleep Day (Friday 17/3/2023, at 20.15h ) through our social networks:
–Facebook (@Instituto of Sleep Medicine)
–Twitter (#DormirSalud)
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–Youtube ( @InstitutodeMedicinadelSueno)
-Linked-In (Institute of Sleep Medicine)

2. Benefit for free from our sleep improvement service “Better sleep is Health” if you request it by clicking on

3. Get a special discount with the “DMS23” coupon at any of our consultations or sleep tests

4. Participate for free in a new clinical trial, testing a new solution to your insomnia based on a state-of-the-art molecule that can helpyou sleep and that is completely natural: safe, with medical supervision from the experts of the Institute of Sleep Medicine and, as a gift, with a sleep test, Simply by following the instructions you can consult on

Escribá highlights that “it is a unique opportunity to improve sleep and that at the Institute of Sleep Medicine we have now expanded our team of experts to have all the specialties of Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Nursing related to Sleep Medicine and countless resources to sleep better, such as continuous and real-time monitoring of your sleep, state-of-the-art diagnostic-therapeutic devices and remote care by chat, e-mail, telephone or video-conference to attend to any patient in less than 24 hours in a comfortable, efficient and equally optimal way or training and advisory services or consulting to individuals and companies to sleep better ”

In addition, remember also that you can evaluate your sleep for free, follow us through our social networks to know our recommendations to sleep better and other promotions and news, such as the latest scientific advances to sleep better, all to guarantee you finally have happy dreams, because now more than ever “Better sleep is health

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Date of Activity: 17/03/2023

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