Spain 2021: Noelia Ruiz-Herrera | International University of la Rioja

Delegate: Noelia Ruiz-Herrera

Affiliation: International University of la Rioja

Activity: On 19 March 2021, an awareness-raising talk will be held at an institute dedicated to teaching technical skills to young people aged between 17 and 25. It will also be connected live for the attendance of undergraduate and postgraduate students in psychology. The activity will be developed as follows: -Presentation of the speaker and brief introduction. -How to study sleep (a brief review of the different sleep assessment techniques will be presented and a real polysomnography will be shown). -Question/answer dynamic (how much sleep do I get, have I ever felt sleep deprived or overslept, how does this affect me?) -Exposure of bad sleep habits (brainstorming) -Exposure of good sleep habits (brainstorming) -Summary of content -Farewell Translated with (free version)

Location: IES Hermenegildo Lanz. Calle Albondón, 12, 18003 Granada (Spain)

Date of Activity: 19/03/2021

Submitted by: Noelia Ruiz-Herrera