Spain 2019: M José Iborra / Dra. Canet

Delegate: M José Iborra and Dra. Canet

Affiliations: Colegio José Arnauda and Hospital General de Alicante

Short Bio:
Colegio José Arnauda is located in Alcoy, a 60.000 inhabitants village in the north of Alicante province. At school we work through Learning Projects as part of our innovative methodology.

Dra. Teresa Canet is a doctor in sleep medicine, coordinator of sleep unit in the University Hospital of Alicante. Spanish Sleep Society member and delegate of World Sleep Day in Spain until 2015.

Learning Project: How are dreams created?
56 Students form 1st course of Secondary Stage (12-13 years old) chose the topic and teachers adapted different subject contents to learn through their interest so motivation was guatanteed. We contacted Dra. Teresa Canet who worked closely with us as external expert.

Timing: one intensive week (December 2018) plus preparation session closing 15th March (World Sleep Day)

Main tasks: (*pictures below)
1-One night sleep at school. A volunteer pupil was monitorized and information connected to the Hospital
2-Hospital visit right after sleeping experience:
-pupils attended a conference with Dra. Canet and two more Doctors focused on the sleep phases and how nutrition, ICT, sport and habits affect teenagers sleep hygiene.
-Dra. Canet prepared an interactive activity for pupils to understand how brain works to sleep. Pupils dramatized the different sleep phases.
-”Unidad del Sueño”: pupils entered the Hospital facilities where patients are attended. Dra. Canet explains all protocols and shows different rooms.
-Dra. Canet explained the previous night sleep reading in a chart and figures.
3-Final product: pupils elaborated a leaflet containing tips to enjoy a sleep hygiene.
4-Dissemination as changing agents. On the 15th March pupils:
-09:00 Good morning celebration at school: World Sleep Day. Our 56 pupils spread to cope all school levels and stages to speak about the importance of sleep and present the leaflet.
-09:45-13:00 Sharing the project final product with the whole neighborhood presenting their leaflet in different kinder-gardens; in the public Library; back to the “Unidad del Sueño” in the Hospital; in “La Bassa” Health Center and Residence for the elderly San José.
-15:00 Sharing with our famlies: pupils presented the leaflet to their own parents and then we han a debate on how to improve our sleep.

Find attached this explaining video:

Location: Colegio José Arnauda (Alcoy) and Hospital Verge dels Lliris de Alcoy.

Date of Activity: 15/03/2019

Submitted By: M José Iborra and Dra. Canet