Spain 2019: Dr. Moraleda-Cibrián

Delegate: Dr. Moraleda-Cibrián

Affiliations: Spanish Sleep Society (SES), Catalan Sleep Society (SonCat), Research Sleep Society

Short Bio:  Dr. Moraleda-Cibrián is a Spanish neurophysiologist and board certified sleep specialist.
In 2010, after she completed her residency in Barcelona (Spain), she joined the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Michigan to gain additional experience with sleep disorders, particularly in children, and to improve her research training. As a Research Fellow and mentored by Louise O’Brien (from June 2010 to May 2014) she started an amazing experience that allow her to conduct several cross-sectional studies. The aim of her study was to investigate `sleep disordered-breathing symptoms in children with craniofacial malformations´. She successfully obtained three grants from the Spanish Foundation Agustí Pedro i Pons of the University of Barcelona, that supported her training in the United States. She also received an Honorable Mention Award for my work on ‘Sleep Disordered Breathing and Speech Pathology in Children with Craniofacial Anomalies’, which was presented at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Boston (2012). Furthermore, in September 2013 she was delighted to receive the Wayne Hening Young Investigator Award for her study entitled ‘Restless Leg Syndrome in Young Children with Orofacial Cleft’, which was presented at the 5th World Congress on Sleep Medicine in Valencia (Spain). Results of her research have been published in several top sleep journals.
After her research fellowship, and with much enthusiasm for an academic career in sleep medicine, she relocated back home to Spain where she is currently board certified and work as a clinical sleep consultant.

Activity:  March 2019
1. ‘Impact of short sleep duration in pediatric population’
Parents of children and adolescents with clinical appointments in the pediatric sleep clinic were asked to participate in our activity of the Word Sleep Day 2019. Families were approached by a study team member who provides the attached form (see here). Only 3 demographic data will be collected: date, age and gender. Children and adolescents were asked to describe (with a drawing or few words) how do they feel when they don’t sleep well.
The aim of the activity is to investigated the impact of sleep deprivation in pediatric population and to improve awareness about this common problem
2. Press: Catalan TV (TV3)
15th March 2019, World Sleep Day

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Submitted By: Dr. Moraleda-Cibrián