South Africa 2020: Arkel Sleep Health and Goodnight Baby

Delegate: Arkel Sleep Health

Affiliations: Arkel Sleep Health and Goodnight Baby

Short Bio: Arkel Sleep Health is a South African based sleep health practice which specialises in the assessment, treatment, and monitoring of sleep illnesses. In association with Goodnight Baby, Arkel Sleep Health cater for the whole family, from babies to adults. Arkel Sleep Health also give sleep health training and fatigue management at corporate institutions and organisations

Activity: Arkel Sleep Health, in association with Goodnight Baby, will host a life broadcast sessions through social media, where we will answer questions that people may have about their sleep behaviour and problems they experience with their sleep.
There will also broadcast sessions through eNCA news, an African news service.

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Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Date of Activity: 13 March 2020

Submitted By: JD Uys, Arkel Sleep Health Founder and CEO