Slovenia 2023: Marjeta Peperko | NIJZ

Delegate: Marjeta Peperko

Affiliation: NIJZ

Short Bio: Employed at the National institut of Public Health (NIJZ) in Slovenia in field of health promotion, among other promotion of regular sleep.

Activity: – prepared a press release on the NIJZ website and forwarding through our networks

– organizated of free videoconference Adults and sleep to celebrate the World Sleep Day

– prepared infographic of guidelines for the recommended length of sleep by age groups Urejeno spanje krepi zdravje

– conducted educations and presentations of importance of sleep and recommendations for good sleep for different segments of public

– publications in local and national media (print, radio and television announcements)

– posts on NIJZ, Dober tek Slovenija and social networks about the importance of sleep, activities and recommendations for good sleep,,,

Location: Slovenia

Date of Activity: March 2023

Submitted by: Marjeta Peperko, Anja Strmšek, Brigita Zupančič – Tisovec