Slovenia 2022: Emil Marinsek | Slovenia

Delegate: Emil Marinsek

Affiliation: Slovenia

Short Bio: Emil is author of project. He has been working on SleepCamera since 2009. Mostly for fun, for himself and his friends. Some people call him sleep ambassador and others call him sleep enthusiast. He owns small local producer of beds in Ljubljana Slovenia since 1994. Under the influence of Matthew Walker’s book “Why we sleep” he decided to spread the idea that healthy sleep is foundation of good health. He was talking about sleep on TEDx Ljubljana 2018 and several other events. He purchased 4.000 books “Why we sleep” and bundled them as gift to any new customer in his shop. is one of his latest projects available to anyone who would like see or analyze his sleep. SleepCamera is a non-profit hobby.

SleepCamera is special camera that can reliably record sleep in total darknes. The result is a Time Lapse video with embedded data from sensors.
SleepCamera produces entertaining and insightful results for everyone. But by attaching medical grade sensors it can be also used for scientific research of sleep in home environment.
SleepCamera currently reliably works with temperature senors, but we are developing connection to different external sensors (heartbeat, breathing, light LUX sensor, noise dB sensor …)

Location: Internet

Date of Activity: 18.3.2022

Submitted by: Emil Marinsek