Slovenia 2022: Emil Marinšek | Founder and director of company Maremico d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Delegate: Emil Marinšek

Affiliation: Founder and director of company Maremico d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Short Bio: Emil Marinsek, entrepreneur owner of company Maremico d.o.o., works in the field of developing, manufacturing and selling mattresses since 1994. The company’s mission is to ensure healthy and comfortable sleep for all – regardless of our different bodies, needs and health conditions.
In the last few years, has Emil also become an ambassador of Healthy Sleep. He has publicly spoken about sleep at TEDx 2018 conference in Slovenia, lectured at universities and received positive responses. This is an additional motivation for further raising awareness of the Slovenian public, which unfortunately is still not aware of how sleep, which represents a third of the day, affects the other two-thirds of the day on which our business and personal side of life depends.

Activity: Emil and his company Maremico d.o.o. will continue to raise public awareness in years to come and 2022 will not be an exception. We prepared the “Quality sleep, Sound mind, Happy world” project, which will take place on 18th of March. Emphasis will be on the negative influence of bad sleeping habits on our health condition, mental health and to give concrete advices about how to take care of our healthy and happy future.
The project includes educational content (articles) that warns the public about the dangers of lack of sleep, encourages reflection on how to ensure a healthy future.
The Maremico Sleep Center team will be available to anyone willing to know more about personal mattresses, encouraging people to take the free digital measurement of their body with a fantastic Visual Comfort tool and receiving quality information and additional knowledge on what their personal mattress should be like.

Svetovni dan spanja

Location: Sleep Center Maremico, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date of Activity: 18th of March, 2022

Submitted by: Sleep center Maremico, Maremico d.o.o.