Slovenia 2020: Emil Marinsek / Maremico d.o.o.

Delegate: Emil Marinsek

Affiliations: Maremico d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Short Bio: Emil Marinsek is a Slovenian entrepreneur working in the field of mattresses and bed production. In the last few years, he has also become ambassador of Healthy Sleep.

He has publicly spoken about sleep on several conferences in Slovenia:

Activity: The First Slovenian Conference »8 Hours for Health«The main purpose of the conference »8 Hours for Health« is to make the public aware that 8 hours of quality sleep is a foundation for a healthy life. It gives us energy and strength to build a healthy lifestyle with regular sports activities, healthy eating habits and stress management.
The slogan of the conference is »From words to actions! How to live a healthy life?« and it is a call to all well-being and healthy lifestyle lovers or the ones who would like to become one.
The audience will have the opportunity to listen to 8 experts in different fields (sleep, health, nutrition, sports, and psychology) and receive knowledge, concrete advice and motivation for a healthier life.
More info about the conference and all 8 participating experts:

Location: Kristalna palača in BTC City, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date of Activity: March 14th, 2020

Submitted By: Sleep center Maremico