Singapore 2023: Elvin Chong | TLS-ASIA

Delegate: Elvin Chong

Affiliation: TLS-ASIA

Short Bio: Mr. Elvin Chong is a managing partner of TLS Asia in Singapore is an industry veteran, having been in the hospitality and mattress distributing industry for over 15 years.
He is inspired to make a positive difference for anyone that is interested
in improving their sleep quality and to be pampered with luxury without
breaking their bank.
He is responsible and highly knowledgeable, completing acquired
project efficiently. He is not afraid to share his knowledge with his
colleagues to ensure excellence in their services as the most important
person in the equation of his customers.

Activity: 1. Nanyang Polytechnic & Temasek Polytechnic:
Mr. Elvin Chong is a renowned speaker on evaluating the importance of improving sleep quality. Knowing that he is a person who could make a difference by educating the society on how important is sleep for everyone.
He started to conduct events on sleep wellness talk. In this activity at the polytechnic, He explained on how to elevate sleep experiences and teaches the students on identifying a good mattress for a body posture. He also, get along with the students on explaining on how to identify Good mattresses and OEM mattresses for a good sleep. He did also explain on how a good mattress can make all the difference in how your body feels when you wake up. It provides adequate support to your back, neck, spine, and legs. A good mattress is a smart investment, and lasts long when properly care.
In this event at both the polytechnics the total count of attendees of the event is 40 students have attended the lecture by Mr. Elvin on sleep wellness.
He is a lecturer at polytechnics in Singapore, our activities are to educate the students on sleep wellness by showing them:
– How important is sleep for every age group
– How to choose a proper mattress
– Why does mattresses gives a major impact to sleep
– how the mattresses are made
-Guiding on the harmful chemical that is used in mattresses

Not only that, Mr. Elvin Chong has selected to give a speak on a talk show

2. Educational CNA talk Show
Mr. Elvin Chong were invited to give a speech on a talk show about Sleep wellness.
This opportunity was to show the importance of sleep and to explain the sustainability of the Hard and Software of the sleep.
This is to show how sleep is important and ways to give share our knowledge to the society.

Location: Polytechnics in Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic & Temasek Polytechnic) & CNA Talk Show

Date of Activity: Nayang- (12 November 2022) CNA- (29 July 2022) Temasek- (4 October 2022)