Singapore 2022: Like Saturdays

Delegate: Like Saturdays

Affiliation: Like Saturdays

Short Bio: Like Saturdays is a lifestyle brand from Singapore founded based on the philosophy of promoting self-care and mental wellness. The brand aims to do so through a curated collection of high quality lifestyle essentials that help reduce anxiety and other benefits. It was created for those willing to invest in themselves for a happy life and more restful slumber.

Activity: In celebration of World Sleep Day this year, Like Saturdays will spread awareness about the importance of quality sleep through press release and media drops to local media publications and Key Opinion Leaders.

We will also curate a content series on our social media platforms to share with our community the importance and benefits of getting quality sleep, before-bed rituals and tips on how we can make our sleep environment conducive to promote more restful slumber.

Location: Singapore

Date of Activity: 18 – 31 March 2022

Submitted by: Like Saturdays