Singapore 2019: Saleem Hadi

Delegate: Saleem Hadi

Affiliations: Singapore Indian Theatre & Film Explorers (SITFE) Ltd

Short Bio:
SINGAPORE INDIAN THEATRE & FILM EXPLORERS LTD also known as SITFE, is a non-profit organization that educates & empowers individuals with knowledge and essential tools to produce, act in or direct films & theatre productions. The enterprise provides platforms to showcase an individual’s creative potential and hidden talents, paving opportunities for employment, life-long learning and skills development.

Activity: THUYIL (Sleep in Tamil) is a 1.2hr theatre production on sleep and sleep related issues faced by Singaporeans. Though we have grown exponentially over the five decades, the increasing amount of stress faced by many, still has not dropped one bit. This is an alarming issue as many are not having substantial amount of quality sleep that lead to several mental health issues like insomnia, anger and depression. Sleep deprivation which is faced by individuals of all ages, especially 12-60 yrs old, needs to be addressed.

Location: Lasalle College of the Arts – Flexible Performance Space (Singapore)

Date of Activity: 20th-23rd June 2019

Submitted By: Saleem Hadi