Serbia 2024: Secondary vocational school “Vasa Pelagić” | Secondary vocational school “Vasa Pelagić”

Delegate: Secondary vocational school “Vasa Pelagić”

Affiliation: Secondary vocational school “Vasa Pelagić”

Short Bio: The vision of our school is to provide students with high quality education in order to achieve their full potential and develop competencies for life and work in the future. The mission of our school is to encourage the all-round development of the personality of students and teachers while respecting all differences. Students are taught by 35 teachers. A total of 205 (23 students attend classes according to the modified curriculum) students attend school in 13 classes this school year in one shift. Within the field of work Agriculture, production and food processing, there are five departments: in the first grade, the department of operator-mechanic of agricultural machinery , in the second grade, a combined department of florist-gardener and operator-mechanic of agricultural machinery for a duration of three years, and in the third grade one department of florist-gardener and operator-mechanic of agricultural technology for three years. Within the area of ​​Trade, hospitality and tourism, there are: one department of the educational profile of tourist technician in the first grade, one department each of the educational profile of tourist-hotel technician in the second, third and fourth grades for a duration of four years, one department of the educational profile of cook-waiter for a three-year duration in the first and third grades and one class each for the second grade, educational profiles chef and trader for a three-year duration. Since this school year, the school has been educating students in the field of mechanical engineering and metalworking, and that one class is a locksmith-welder of the first grade. The school has a gymnasium, a field for handball and indoor football. The school has the possibility of using wireless and cable internet for the preparation and performance of all forms of regular classes and extracurricular activities.

Activity: Our students of the final grade of tourist hotel technician will organize public hour with Healthy sleep interactive presentation for all school students. It will be held in the school hall.
The aim of this activity is to recall of the importance of quality sleep and that is a central cornerstone of good health and well-being. Our sleeping habits have a significant impact on our physical, emotional and social well-being. Although we all know that we need around eight hours of sleep a night for optimal health, it’s quite often overlooked that it’s not just the duration of our sleep that matters. All this mentioned above is very often neglected by younger generations.

Location: Kovin

Date of Activity: 15 March

Submitted by: Venera Arsenov Bojović