Serbia 2017: Clinic Health & Healthy Life

Delegate: Clinic Health and Healthy Life in Knjaževac, prim dr Lela Mihajloviç Jovanovic

Affiliations: President of the Medical Society branch KnjaževacSrpskog two consecutive terms from 1998 to 2002..zamenik president since 2012 and is now – Member of the psychiatric section of Serbia since 2004. – Member of the Serbian Psychiatric Association, the Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, the Association of Neurologists of Serbia, Section for drug addiction treatment, psychotherapist Serbian Society, the Psychiatric Section of the Serbian Medical Chamber Serbian, European Psychiatric Association, the European Association of neurologists and the Serbian Medical Society

Activity: Sleep materials distributed & radio

  • 500 posters “SLEEP SOUNDLY, NURTURE LIFE” placed in private and government health institutions – hospitals, pharmacies
  • 1000 flyers “TIPS FOR GOOD SLEEP” conferred on citizens of all ages at specified locations for free
  • Facebook image flyers and posters on the face side with the “Health and healthy life” – virtually for free
  • Shows on local radio FKMS – March 3 and 17, duration of 60 minutes, sleep and sleep disorders, one hour show with music tracks domestic and foreign authors such as: „I’m dreaming” – Indexi, „I dreamed last night that I do not have you”- Bjelo Dugme, „She sleeps” – Zdravko Colic, „Dream on” – Aerosmith, „Dreaming” – Beyonce…

Location: Eastern Serbia

Date: March 2017

Submitted by: prim dr med Lela Mihajlovic Jovanovic
Short Bio: Prim dr med Jovanović Lela Mihajlović, born in 1959. in Knjazevac, neuropsychiatrist, Head of the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry the General Hospital in Knjaževac, and within the boss doing additional work in private clinic „Health and healthy life” in Knjaževac

Awards: Plaque of Serbian Medical Society branch Zaječar 1991.; Thanksgiving from a „Red Cross Knjaževac” in 1997.; Thanksgiving from a „MS CLUB Knjazevac” 2008.; CHF thanksgiving for the contribution to the work and run counseling center for young people in Knjazevac and the project ” breast self-examination” and reproductive health of young people in 2006.; May Award – thanksgiving of Knjaževac for special contributions in providing and improving health and combating drug abuse. Author:- 32 research articles published in professional journals and proceedings of conferences in the country and abroad, the author of 34 accredited expert meetings – lectures by the Health Council of Serbia