Serbia 2015: Clinic of Neurology, Clinical Center of Serbia, Serbian Sleep Society and the Clinic for psychiatry

This issue will contain articles of 9 authors writing in the field of sleep and sleep research. The contents of the issue is:

1) Tijana Bojic: Insomnia as a risk factor for cardio-cerebro-vascular diseases.
2) Milan Latas: Cognitive-Behavior Treatment Of Insomnia.
3) Ivan Kopitović, Marija Vukoja, Mirjana Drvenica-Jovančević: Treatment Of Sleep Apnoea Syndrome.
4) Jelena Stamenović, Stojanka Đurić, Vanja Đurić, Gordana Đorđević, Biljana Živadinović, Srđan Ljubisavljević. The modern treatment of the “restless” legs syndrome – diagnostic and therapeutic options.
5) Martin Popević, Aleksandar Milovanović. Excessive Sleepiness And The Risk Of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome In Professional Ambulance Drivers
6) Vladimir Janjić, Slavica Đukić Dejanović, Dragan Milovanović, Branimir Radmanović, Zoran Bukumirić. Pharmaco-economic Consequences of the Insomnias.
7) Slobodanka Pejović Nikolić. Neurobiological Effects Of Sleep Restriction.
8) Nikola Trajanović, Srđan Milovanović. Use of Hypnotics in High Risk Patient Groups.
9) Slavko Jankovic: Disordered Sleep Characterized By Disordered Frontiers Of Sleep Stages And Wakefulness, With Disordered Motor Control.
All articles have an abstract in english.
The journal “Engrami“ is distributed throughout Serbia, this year also as a part of the three endeavor of the above three institution

For the WASM-World Sleep Day in 2015. an activity was performed by the Clinic of Neurology, Clinical Center of Serbia (CCS), Serbian Sleep Society ( ) and the Clinic for psychiatry, CCS.

The last issue of the “Engrami” (newsletter for the clinical psychiatry, psychology and borderline disciplines) is dedicated to sleep and sleep research. Since its publication closely coincided with the World Sleep Day for 2015. as a guest editor I decided that this issue should represent a contribution of the Serbian sleep society, Clinic of neurology and Clinic for psychiatry in the World Sleep Day.


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