Senegal 2024: Prisca-Rolande BASSOLE | Prisca-Rolande BASSOLE

Delegate: Prisca-Rolande BASSOLE

Affiliation: Prisca-Rolande BASSOLE

Short Bio: I’m M.D Prisca-Rolande BASSOLE, a neurologist working in Dakar, Senegal.
I have the opportunity to be a 2024 World Sleep Academy student.

Activity: The Hypno’s Kid project, whose foundations were laid on the occasion of the “annual World Sleep Day” on March 15 was born of my observation of the recurrence of sleep-related complaints. This naturally led to the desire to act in order to limit, or even prevent, the harmful impact of these sleep disorders on the pediatric population. Sleep disorders are highly prevalent among school-age children. However, sleep has a vital physiological function and a determining role in the development of the child’s brain. In Africa, there is growing interest in sleep and sleep disorders, but the question of education, diagnosis and management in the general population, and especially in the paediatric population, remains a challenge. Infancy is a critical period where sleep problems can have negative effects on development. Unfortunately, many children are not getting the quality and quantity of sleep recommended for their age group.
The aim of the HYPNO’S KID project is to run campaign to inform, educate and promote sleep hygiene in a population of school-age children, to help them better understand the “good sleep” issue and change their behavior in order to have a more global and lasting positive impact on their sleep and health.

Location: Dakar

Date of Activity: March 14, 2024

Submitted by: Prisca-Rolande BASSOLE