Scotland 2021: Dr Maria Gardani | University of Glasgow, School of Psychology

Delegate: Dr Maria Gardani

Affiliations:  University of Glasgow, School of Psychology

Short Bio:  I am a lecturer at the School of Psychology interested in sleep and circadian disturbances and more specifically insomnia and the development of insomnia tailored interventions. More recently my focus is on sleep difficulties experienced by the student population and ways to plan tailored interventions for this group.

Activity:  Regular Sleep, Healthy Future for Students Poor sleep is associated with poor mental health. Sleep is highly interlinked with psychological and physical wellbeing and is involved in many physiological systems such as memory consolidation and executive function. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are at higher risk of developing sleep difficulties. Dr Maria Gardani will discuss the latest research on sleep and insomnia difficulties experienced by students and will offer evidence-based research advice on ways to improve our sleep tailored to student lifestyle needs. What to expect: – Understanding of how sleep difficulties may arise in students. -Useful sleep recommendations on how to improve your sleep when you study. The event would be useful for students and academics. To register:

Location:  Online Webinar

Date of Activity:  19th March 2pm (UK)

Submitted By: Dr Maria Gardani