Scotland 2020: Claire Crisp & Wake Up Narcolepsy

Delegate: Claire Crisp

Affiliations: Wake Up narcolepsy

Short Bio: I am the Executive Director for Wake Up Narcolepsy and host of the Narcolepsy 360 podcast. I am the author of ‘Waking Matilda-A memoir of Childhood Narcolepsy,’ and mother care giver to my daughter who has had narcolepsy since aged 3.

Activity: Wake Up Narcolepsy have launched Season 2 of the Narcolepsy 360 podcast. We realised the first of this season on World Sleep Day to increase narcolepsy awareness and help inspire our community to live well with narcolepsy.
Season 1, which is used by pharmacy companies to educate staff, has over 24,000 unique downloads form across the world. Our guests include researchers, narcolepsy specialists, patients and care-givers.
We will continue to release season two episodes every two weeks until the end of the year.
For ore information, go to Also available in Apple Podcasts.

Location: Scotland

Date of Activity: 13/3/20

Submitted By: Claire Crisp