Saudi Arabia 2023: Sleep Medicine and Research Center | King Abdulaziz University Hospital

Delegate: Sleep Medicine and Research Center

Affiliation: King Abdulaziz University Hospital

Short Bio:

Activity: The world celebrates the SLEEP day on the third Friday of March every year, which falls this year on the seventeenth day of March 2023, under the slogan “Sleep is necessary for health”. The Sleep Medicine and Research Center at King Abdulaziz University Hospital in Jeddah celebrated the WORLD SLEEP DAY 2023. This was through holding the awareness exhibition, which included several healthiness, diagnostic and awareness pillars. The exhibit was held at the main Entrance of the King Abdulaziz University Hospital and the Entrance of the Outpatient Clinics.
The exhibition consisted of 7 stations:
1- Questionnaire regarding sleep history and complaints
2- Triage: Where vitals and weight, height and neck circumference measurements were taken.
3- Consultation where the visitors met one of the specialists in Sleep medicine to discuss his/her complains and refer him/her to the clinic if needed.
4- Sleep Hygiene station: Instructions regarding good sleep habits were given to visitors.
5- Brochure station: Where visitors can pick the information they need.
6- CPAP Station: Where the instructor explained to visitors PAP devices usage and how to clean them.
7- Sleep study station: That demonstrated to the visitors the basic  idea of conducting a sleep study.
The Director of the Sleep Medicine and Research Center, Prof. Siraj Omar Wali, explained that the exhibition witnessed a great turnout. The number of visitors and patients reached about 200 visitors, and full medical consultations were provided for more than 70 people with sleep disorders. Most of these visitors had one of two types of sleep disorders, “insomnia” or “sleep apnea.”

Location: King Abdulaziz University Hospital

Date of Activity: 17/03/2023

Submitted by: Siraj Omar Wali