Saudi Arabia 2023: Dr Nevin Zaki | North Area Armed Forces Hospital ,KSA &Faculty of Medicine Mansoura University ,Egypt

Delegate: Dr Nevin Zaki

Affiliation: North Area Armed Forces Hospital ,KSA &Faculty of Medicine Mansoura University ,Egypt

Short Bio: I am a Professor of Psychiatry & The manager of Sleep Research Unit at the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University (Egypt).currently working as a consultant psychiatrist at NAAFH ,KSA

I got trained at the Circadian Neuroscience Laboratory of Oxford University (UK) for my Doctorate degree where I worked under the supervision of Professor Russel Foster and Dr Guy Goodwin from 2008-2010.
in 2012&2014 I won the AASM mini-fellowship in Sleep Medicine USA.
in 2015 I was awarded the Best physician in Egypt by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate
in 2016 I earned the Title Somnologist by the ESRS.
in 2017 Me and My team Won the World Sleep Day Distinguished activity Award .
My experience in Sleep Medicine starts since 2008. Either academically by teaching sleep medicine to undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and clinically as a member of multidisciplinary clinical teams in sleep clinics.
I supervised essays and thesis for students in sleep medicine and I have authored multiple publications and book chapters in the field.
I am the Middle East Coordinator of the World Sleep Day

Activity: A workshop was organized with the facilitation of academic affairs department
the welcome note was held with the honory presence of
1.The hospital director (Brigadier General Abdallah A. Althomali)
2.The Assistant hospital director for health affairs (Brigadier General Dr. Raad Alshehrani)
3.The Medical administrator (Dr.Deeb Alsaudi)

All hospital staff were invited to attend including physicians ,nurses ,paramedics ,administrative employees. We aimed at widespread of knowledge and community awareness among the hospital employees about sleep .

The workshop was honored to have knowledgeable multinational guest speakers ,who delivered there talks either in person or through Microsoft teams .The talks were fruitful, comprehensive and updated.

the titles of the talks were as follows :

1.Dr Mohammed Alabri(Sultan Qabos university ,OMAN):afternoon siesta and metabolic profile .
2.Dr Saleh Eleissa (King Saud university ,KSA):circadian rhythm sleep disorders
3.Dr Abdulaziz Alghamdi (Prince Sultan military medical city ):sleep in epileptic children
4.Dr Hrayr Attarian (northwestern university ,USA):parasomnias
5.Dr Alejandra Lastra (Chicago University, USA ):OSA, COPD, and obesity
6.Mr Thomas Kauzlousky (Ambulatory monitoring ,Inc, USA):Actigraphy and its role in sleep medicine
7.Dr Nevin Zaki (wearable sleep technology & sleep hygiene )
4.Dr Nesreen Morsy (Faculty of Medicine ,Mansoura University ):Wiring of polysomnography.

Location: North area armed forces hospital

Date of Activity: 16th of march 2023

Submitted by: Dr Nevin Zaki (middle east coordinator of the world sleep day )


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