Saudi Arabia 2019: Faisal Alotaibi

Delegate: Faisal Alotaibi

Affiliations: CARE Hospitals, Saudi Pediatric Pulmonology Association/Saudi Thoracic Society, General Directorate of Health Affairs in Riyadh Region

Short Bio:
Chief Sleep Technologist. I am submitting this activity on behalf of the working team in CARE Hospitals

Activity: In accordance to the World Sleep Day 2019, we held an awareness activity in a landmark shopping mall in Riyadh City, to increase the public awareness toward healthy sleep practices, and educate about the common sleep disorders.

The activity involved the following counters:

1- Why do we need to get healthy sleep

2 – Electronic Screening for OSA, and ESS.

3- Distributed the following brochures:
3.1- Healthy sleep (include sleep tips, and normal sleep hours for different age groups)
3.2- Safe infant sleep
3.3-Drowsy driving
3.4. Insomnia
3.5. Narcolepsy
3.6. Obstructive Sleep Apnea
3.7. Sleep Study (to explain what, when sleep study is conducted

4- Safe infant sleep (dedicated educator will explained to the participants the safe infant sleep practices, and utilized an actual bed with infant manikin on the site)

5- Food & Sleep (A dietitian discussed the relationship between food & sleep. A body composition test was used in this corner for the participated audience)

6- Ask your doctor (There were two adult sleep physician, and one pediatric sleep physician who answered questions related to healthy sleep, and the common sleep disorders)

7- CPAP (demonstrated the function of the CPAP Device, and showed the different available masks used for this therapy)

8- Starlight Corridor (a 3*4 m corridor, and placed six posters for healthy sleep and common sleep disorders, and utilized augmented reality, and revealed the videos.

9- Screen 3*4m that revealed a social wall that displayed a live feed from the campaign hashtag in twitter #النوم_السليم_لنمو_سليم which translate to healthy sleep, healthy aging. By this, we increased the exposure and spread the word about our campaign.

10- Kids Zone: there is no successful public event without happy kids. Coloring book (Sleep Scence) was used as a coloring activity, Kids Face Painting was a fun and popular activity for this corner.

It was a great privilege to be an official delegate for the World Sleep Day 2019, and we will continue spreading the word and increase the awareness in our community for healthy sleep

Location: Riyadh Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date of Activity: 15 March 2019

Submitted By: Faisal Alotaibi