Russian Federation 2024: Almazov National Medical Research Centre, Somnology Group | Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Delegate: Almazov National Medical Research Centre, Somnology Group

Affiliation: Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Short Bio:

Activity: This year, the main focus of our WSD-related online and offline activities was the association between sleep and hormones, which fits the slogan “Sleep Equity for Global Health”, as hormones define the variety and differences, and are essential for global health. In addition, there is a strong association between sleep, sleep-wake cycle and hormone secretion, and healthy sleep and sleep equity is needed for the endocrine and metabolic health.

On 15th March 2024, an interactive seminar “Sleep hormones and brain: healthy sleep for everyone” was held (at Pavlov University, St Petersburg). The aim was to promote knowledge about sleep and its role for health, in particular, related to endocrine system and metabolism. The event comprised several parts:
I. The first part included 6 mini-lectures:
1) “Sleep and hormones” by Lyudmila Korostovtseva
2) “Sleep and chronotypes: how to find your individual rhythm?” by Mikhail Bochkarev
3) “Sleep hormones: from theory to lab” by Ekaterina Zabroda
4) “The mechanisms of insomnia: the role of pituitary-adrenal axis” by Alexey Gordeev
5) “Sleep hormones and cardiovascular effects” by Marina Bykova
6) “Auto training methods for healthy sleep” by Valeria Amelina. The participants could try several muscle relaxation techniques during the event.
II. An interactive part where the participants could undergo cognitive testing to assess their alertness, sleepiness, reaction time, their chronotype and sleep behavior and hygiene etc.; to play with the quizzes and to learn more about sleep regulatory centers and sleep system anatomy.
The Sleep principles (10 commandments of healthy sleep) were displayed and disseminated among the participants
III. A quiz about sleep-related myths. The winners got popular books about sleep (“Sleep under microscope” by Vlad Vyazovsky and “Sleep neurbiology” by Valdimir Kovalzon).
The event was attended by about 150 participants (mainly students and postgraduate students of biomedical universities).

On 16th March 2024, watching a movie “Insomnia” by Ch. Nolan (2002) followed by an interactive discussion with the biomedical students was held (at Pavlov University, St Petersburg) and led by the sleep specialists from Almazov National Medical Research Centre. During the discussion various theories of insomnia pathogenesis were discussed, as well as potential treatment approaches.

On 19th March 2024, a joint meeting of the St Petersburg Society of Neurologists and Russian Somnology Society was devoted to sleep problems in neurological diseases. The main topics included sleepiness and hypersomnia’s, insomnia, sleep disorders in stroke patients.

Location: St Petersburg

Date of Activity: 15-19th March 2024

Submitted by: Lyudmila Korostovtseva