Russian Federation 2023: Lyudmila Korostovtseva and Sofia Osipenko | Somnology group, Almazov National Medical Research Centre, St Petersburg

Delegate: Lyudmila Korostovtseva and Sofia Osipenko

Affiliation: Somnology group, Almazov National Medical Research Centre, St Petersburg

Short Bio:

Activity: This year, the main focus of our WSD-related online and offline activities was the role of sleep for health and daily performance.

On 17th March 2023, an interactive seminar “Sleep – the essence of life” was performed (at Almazov National Medical Research Centre). The aim was to promote knowledge about sleep and its role for health. The event comprised several parts:
I. The first part included 6 mini-lectures:
1) “Does a sleeping one get only dreams? Is it worth wasting night for work and how to restore after a night shift?” by Sofia Osipenko,
2) “Why is the snore hazardous and how to manage it?” by Anastasia Vasilieva
3) “The biomolecules of sleep” by Ekaterina Zabroda
4) “The topography of sleep: the role of brain structures in sleep regulation: by Alexey Gordeev
5) “A sleepy life” by Mikhail Bochkarev
6) “Sleep and neuroplasticity” by Lyudmila Korostovtseva
II. An exhibition where the sleep-related devices were displayed (glasses for light therapy, blue-blockers, CPAP-devices etc.)
III. An interactive part where the participants could undergo cognitive testing to assess their alertness, sleepiness, reaction time, their chronotype and sleep behavior and hygiene etc. Sleep principles (10 commandments of healthy sleep) were displayed and disseminated among the participants
IV. A quiz about sleep-related myths. The winners got popular books about sleep (“Sleep under microscope” by Vlad Vyazovsky and “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker).
The event was attended by about 70 participants (mainly students of biomedical universities).

The information about World Sleep Day was also announced on TV.

Our team would like to thank all the people who helped and supported the initiative and the events: Mikhail Bochkarev, Valeria Amelina, Alexey Gordeev, Ekaterina Zabroda, Anastasia Vasilieva, Marina Bykova, Aleksandra Topanova, Yurii Sviryaev, “Museum of Health” at Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Location: Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Date of Activity: 17th March 2023

Submitted by: Lyudmila Korostovtseva